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Lily Moe was born and raised in Switzerland.  She started to sing in the autumn of 2011 and her debut show was in January of 2012.  She has a rousing stage presence with a powerful voice.  With this combination, it didn’t take her long to find herself on stage all over Europe.  Her tour schedules have included some of the hottest Rockabilly/Rhythm & Blues music festivals such as High Rockabilly ES, Viva Las Vegas (USA), Rhythm Riot UK, Rockin’ Around Turnhout BE, Tear It Up CR, Summer Jamboree IT and many more. This has helped her to grow a huge fan base.  Be prepared for some hot shakin’ female R&B!  Be on the lookout for her album “Lily Moe & The Barnyard Stompers” on the Rhythm Bomb Records label!

What other people say about Lily Moe:

„The first Swiss band to play at the Rhythm Riot…. And what a great way to start! Miss Lily Moe’s influences include many of the female R&B legends, so listen out for the sounds of Wynona Carr, Big Maybelle, Ruth Brown and more, as you enjoy a red-hot show jam-packed with rocking’ rhythm & blues!“

„Yep… youre reading right… SWITZERLAND!!… is not only famous for their cheese, mountains and ricola… no no no… the newest Rockin export is a young lady that sings RnB like only a few can sing it… just breathtaking! Backed by the fantastic Nico Duportal and his Rhythm Dudes, this is a show not to be missed!! One of the best RnB bands meet one of the best singers… put em both together.. only one word… DYNAMITE!! Ladies and Gentlemen… Miss Lily Moe!“

„Aus der Schweiz kommt Miss Lily Moe, die vor kurzem mit ihrem Debüt-Album bei Rhythm Bomb Records glänzte. Sie präsentiert feinsten Rhythm’n Blues im Geiste von Ruth Brown, Etta James, LaVerne Baker oder Valetta Dillard. Viele der Stück sind neu und stammen aus eigener Feder. Wer etwas aufmerksamer ist, dem ist der Songschreiber bei „Never let me go“ aufgefallen, ein gewisser M. Valentine. Richtig, Marc Valentine von Marc & The Wild Ones. Nun liegt es nahe, da ja beide beim gleichen Label sind, aber da ist noch etwas mehr. Mittlerweile ist Lily aus der Schweiz nach Deutschland gezogen. Nicht nur aus Gründen der musikalischen Mehrfalt, sondern auch aus privaten: sie ist mit Rene Rottmann, dem Gitarristen von MATHWO liiert….. Ich hatte bereits 2 mal Gelegenheit mich mit Lily zu unterhalten und ich muss sagen es hat viel Spass gemacht. Sie ist so offenherzig, lustig und kontaktfreudig, dass die Chemie sofort stimmte.“

von Uwe


About the CD: „15 tracks, Killer female Rhythm & Blues from Switzerland! This girl has a fantastic voice and the band really will blow up your top! This album is really highly recommended and a real treat for everybody who digs the sounds of Ruby Ann, Cherry Tess, Gizelle, and Emmy Lou! This is the female Cherry Casino!“

About the EP: „The first vinyl of Lily Moe & The Barnyard Stompers – four stompin’ R&B goodies which sound like they were recorded in the 1950s!  EP plays on 33rpm and comes with a nice company sleeve! ‘Never Let Me Go’, a nice late 50s – early 60s related tune was written by Marc Valentine of Marc & The Wild Ones! A real treat for everybody who likes the music of Gizzelle, Billie & The Kids and the 50s female shouters!“

„The best way to start this review is telling you about the first time I heard Lily Moe sing. It was a band night in Belgium and one the bands on stage was Marc and the Wild Ones. They brought a special guest with him and a small blond girl climbed on stage. Now I try not to have prejudices before I heard somebody doing their thing… but what I heard blew me away! This girl turned out to be the Princess of Rhythm & Blues.

Needless to say I was anxious to listen to the album. The songs share the same ingredients: a powerful female voice, a swinging hot guitar, a honkin’ saxophone, a jazzy walking bass and some stompin’ drums. It seems like a heavy recipe but it’s not hard on the stomach at all… it’s your feet who will suffer!

Play this album and let your ears get warmed up by listening to the Intro (don’t worry, you can cool them down again with the Outro!). The jazzy tones of Ripple The Tipple,Tell Me All About It and others activates your rhythm scences while songs like Why Don’t You Hold Me Back emphasizes the blues part. I should also mention this album contains a great version of Ruth Brown’s Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean. The song that does the trick for me personally is Never Let Me Go. Hearing the unplugged version really shows the strength and brittleness of the song (which was written by Marc Valentine from Marc and the Wild Ones).One of the songs, I’m A Wine Drinker, is really showing the difference between rockabilly (beer) and rhythm & blues (wine).

This girl from Switzerland is aiming high and well on her way to be included in the female section in the Hall of Rockin’ Fame!“

written by Tom Calleeauw


„Wenn ich richtig informiert bin, handelt es sich hier um das Debütalbum der Schweizer Sängerin, die sich mit dieser CD gleich auf eine Stufe mit Ruby Ann, Cherry Tess und anderen hochkarätigen Damen des Genres katapultiert. Auf der CD mischen sich Eigenkompositionen mit Covern. Tolle, kraftvolle Stimme, super Begleitband – was will man mehr? Zwei Kritikpunkte: Intro und Outro – jeweils ca. 50 Sekunden lang – hätten eher als ein Instrumentalstück angegeben werden sollen und nicht als voneinander getrennte Songs. Und das Booklet hätte etwas mehr Informationen enthalten können. Doch das ist Jammern auf hohem Niveau. Der Käufer erhält abzüglich Intro und Outro 13 hervorragende Tracks. Kaufen!“


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